Data Quality Strategy

Hidden costs of poor information quality can cost companies 20-30% of sales resulting in loss of customers, profits and shareholder value. We are experts in developing data quality strategies to improve the management of mission-critical company information assets.

The benefits of a data quality strategy

  • Reduction of data de-duplication and data cleansing efforts
  • Realization of single source of truth across the enterprise
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved and faster business decision making ability
  • Information and data become strategic enterprise assets

For most organizations, the goals we pursue include:

  • Establish a consistent means of measuring data quality
  • Develop a policy statement outlining the obligations of the various organizational departments
  • Develop a generalized process that can be used to ensure adequate enterprise data quality
  • Develop a set of tools, guidelines and other resources for PMO or functional projects to embed data quality into business processes
  • Ensure data quality management processes are broadly applicable, identifying process areas, tools or other attributes as required by the specific needs of the organization

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